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La Fetra School Foundation is an ongoing support for         La Fetra Elementary School.  Our objective is to support the mission of La Fetra Elementary School  and the growth of its students.

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Email: Julie Rodriguez


Go to and create an account with them.  You will need our code to shop.  Contact Kathy Hopkins and she will email it to you.  Once you have enrolled, click on shop and see the hundreds of vendors we have to choose from and the percent profit we receive from those vendors.  Order on the first and/or third Friday of the month and have the scrip delivered to school for pick up in the office or sent home with your child.  If you do not have a computer, you can order via an order form available in the office.



Students have the opportunity to share a lasting impression on their school.  Creating a memory tiles only costs $10.00 per tile. The tiles are added to the wall in our cafeteria area.The chance to create a tile occurs once a month during school regular session.  To signup print the "Memory Tiles" PDF attach $10 and turn it into our office staff.  regular dates for creating the tiles will be announced.


Memory Tiles


Back By Popular Demand!!


We recycle ink cartridges and water bottles.  Ink recycling can be dropped off in the office or in the computer lab.  Plastic bottle recycling has various sites on campus where you can drop off.  



surf city squeeze

Surf City Squeeze smoothies and lemonade are made using fresh fruit and other whole ingredients. Our lactose-free smoothie base can be enjoyed by all and while other drinks can cause wipe-outs, Surf City Squeeze smoothies offer a feel-good pick-me-up. Find us in the West Covina mall for our full menu. 

Board of Directors

President: Julie Rodriguez

Vice-President: Kathy Hopkins

Treasurer: Christine Guerrero

Secretaries: Deborah Patzold

Principal: Marie Porcell

Directors and Ex Officio Members 

Julie Rodriguez

Kim Kuehfuss

Kristy Espino

Louise Huang

Meg Whalen

Christine Guerrero

Jo Anne Johnsen 

Rose Ortega

Teresa Quijano

Lori Woodall

Kathy Hopkins